Time & Attendance Management System

eAttend is a Windows  based, modular Time and Attendance system . eAttend handles everything in multi Time Attendance system. Personnel identification, shift concepts, personnel monitoring, manpower scheduling  is made simple!


eAttend works using  RFID  Readers and Cards and  Fingerprint based Biometric Time & Attendance system. eAttend handles everything you would expect from a top quality Time and Attendance system: Fixed hours, Shifts, Flexi-time, Access Control, Security, Visitor Monitoring, Personnel Monitoring. eAttend also supports  Fingerprint checking for those very secure areas or to prevent 'buddy clocking' in time and attendance systems .


To keep Costs low, eAttend is backward compatible with Bar-coded Photo Identity cards as well as the latest in Smart Card technology. Combing the features of Barcode, Smart Card and Radio Frequency , eAttend  transforms into a powerful Solution for the Time & Attendance management of Employee /Staff/ Students. 


The entry-level product, eAttend  Lite, contains everything you need to get going. Reader, Software, 30 RF Cards , Manual and Installation Instructions. Itís ideal for small companies with less than 100 employees.


Our flag ship product, eAttend  Enterprise is a solid, time tested , proven, client/server system that is cost-effective and can be  expanded from a single entry  to an enormous network of  access control points, at diverse locations. It has all the features you would expect from a robust Time & Attendance Control system on the market


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