Software Solutions

The Software Solutions we provide includes customized software, integrated hardware and software solutions like IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System), E-mail solutions, and also Internet based online centralized database driven solutions.

Our software consultants study, identify and provide a cost effective and technologically effective solution to the firms, which give their business an edge over the competition. We also integrate hardware solutions along with the software to provide a complete package to our clients. Our solutions are time bound. We realize the value of change and are with you all the way to help you keep abreast of it.

Some of our projects involved integrating data from clients’ offices in different metropolitan locations, into a centralized web based database, which further was linked to the IVRS, customer support, accounts and administration departments in these geographically separated offices.

Further we have also successfully completed a Systems Solutions project for a shipping company which involved integrating different complex hardware solutions like the complete backbone network and peripherals like smart card readers, weighing machines, diagnostic equipments onto a centralized server.

Our experienced and professional Software developing team can provide tailor-made software for your organization. We have to our credit products developed for Supermarkets, Distributors & Traders, Hospitals, Cyber-cafe and Internet Applications.

We also have overseas associates in USA, UK, Dubai & Singapore to provide clients with all our services and eliminating geographical reach as a constraint. We specialize in providing cost effective and technologically advanced solutions for your business needs.


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