Time & Attendance Management System

eAttend handles everything in multi Time Attendance system. Personnel identification, shift concepts, personnel monitoring, manpower scheduling and data collection & processing is made simple!


School Management System

eSchool / eCollege is a complete Student Information System which makes sure information is ready for the administrator, teacher or service provider when they need it. With the software repetitive entry of student ID at multiple information access points being a mundane job and prone to errors due to the human interface is eliminated. Access to data in real-time lets schools spend time on their number one priority - their students.


Asset Management System

eAsset is a powerful yet easy to operate modular asset management system software offering the ability to manage your assets from initial purchase through to final disposal with a record of all transactions and track maintaining during their life cycle.


Hospital Management System

eCuidado addresses the main needs of healthcare practitioners - ensuring patient identification, electronically maintaining & retrieving records, increasing profits through reduction of expenses and billing accuracy. It also positively impacts physician productivity, clinical workflow and patient safety.


Data Acquisition Software

This software essentially captures data streaming through ports on various machines deployed in the healthcare industry and integrated with subsequent data handling, interpreting and reporting utilities specially devised for particular sectors.


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