Web - Internet Solutions

 We Create your company’s presence on the Internet.

 Create a website that reflects the unique character of your organization.

 Construct your functional website as an extension of your business.

 Provide your customers with access to your products and services on a 24 hour basis.

 Create a website, fully integrated with your existing marketing and promotional efforts.

 Help you sell your products and services online.

We take pride in having launched the first Portal for the Printing Industry in India which was welcomed with an enthusiastic response.


Domain Booking & Web Hosting

We Provide complete web hosting solutions to our clients. To  know more about our hosting

solutions and our data center click on Web Hosting



The Website Development Process

Evaluate opportunities, set goals, organize resources, allocate budgets, outline a structure before building the web site.


Client Survey & Website Questionnaire - Helps us evaluate your situation and provides some basic information.

The Website Marketing Plan - Identify your goals.  Estimate and assign resources in time, money and staff. Decide the purpose of your website. Create your USP? Decide your product mix or services that you plan to offer. Identify your niche segment. Finalize your mode of interaction with them?

The Proposal and  Agreement - Evaluate the cost factor. Smoothly integrate all functions. Decide the time frame. Understand the terms of the proposal and Agreement.

Project Kick start - Project Kick start is initiated when the client approves the Website Marketing Plan. A development group is then assigned to the Project Kick start and linked to their organization. It is composed of both in-house and virtual associates

Website Architecture and Design - This phase of the process is where the site content and design features are developed. The graphic interface is produced and the layouts, illustrations, photographs, navigation systems, and other graphic elements, type styles and faces are applied. Links are checked, programming is analyzed and tested and the site structure begins to take shape.

At the end of this process, your website is loaded onto the server and final testing is completed. It is very important at this point that the marketing and promotion of your website kicks into high gear and arrangements are made for site maintenance and management.



Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Our designing team has always been able to fulfill all the needs of our customers to their utmost satisfaction. We comply with the Search Engine Optimization Code to optimize websites for different search engines and have an impeccable track record in this activity.



Internet Marketing & Consulting Services We believe that a website should be seen as a 24 x 7 representation of a company, that also generates revenue, if it is a commercial one We go about this endeavor by analyzing, studying, conceptualizing and adopting strategies on the website.

We help you to capitalize on this incredible reach of the internet and for those who have understood the potential of the internet we offer One Stop Solution for their IT needs.

You need to have a comprehensive plan for integrating your Internet presence into your overall business process, including marketing, promotion and enhancement of the site.

You need expertise in applying your marketing know-how to this unique, exciting medium. You need strategies, tactics, innovations, ideas and solutions. That is where we take over. We apply our tech savvy marketing know-how to help you succeed. We provide strategies and innovative ideas that help you meet the competitive challenge and seize the opportunities offered by the Internet. By showing you how to integrate your Internet presence into your business process, we provide online marketing solutions that:

 Reinforce your branding and advertising efforts.

 Provide a deeper level of customer service

 Cut printing and mailing costs

 Generate customer databases & sales leads

 Provide partnership opportunities

A business should spend more time, money and resources on marketing their website than on its initial development. It is only through a sustained and intense effort over period of time that the desired results can be achieved.

We are committed to helping you secure your online success. We do that by providing a number of website advertising, public relations and promotional services that in our experience are proven and effective when implemented on a continuing basis.




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